"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Well guess what? If you do not know, do not worry. Flip through the pages for a glimpse of the many professions out there.


About the book...

children thinking about professions

Passions. Pursue. Professions.

When I Grow Up…Just Imagine. is a unique print book for elementary and middle school-aged children, which provides 14 lifelong tips to help young readers find and pursue their passions, and features people who love their professions and why they chose them. It also includes a profile page for the reader, blank profession templates for the reader to conduct their own interviews, letters to parents/guardians and much more!

children thinking about professions

Inspire. Imagine.

When I Grow Up…Just Imagine. features people in various professions across the country, from accountants, educators, engineers and entrepreneurs, to physicians, producers and more. And, it includes numerous industries from the Arts and Entertainment to Law Enforcement, Retail, Science, Technology and many more. The reader will learn where each person went to college, what lead them to their particular profession and why they enjoy their profession.


Lifelong Tips.

When I Grow Up…Just Imagine. is written for the 7 to 13 year old, however, any age will gain more knowledge and the 14 lifelong tips (which includes leadership and volunteering) are concepts the child can carry with them through adulthood. “It’s a coffee table book for kids”, expressed Erica Brown Oliver, who included her children in the book process. Her daughter Madison Michelle Oliver is the Editor and her son Brendan David Oliver is the Illustrator.  

Press coverage...

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The Author's Inspiration...

This has been a passion project for Erica Brown Oliver.

Watching her children, at an early age, get asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, made her flash back to her own childhood, being asked the very same question at such a young age. That is when the book idea came to her. Her idea was to give children exposure to as many professions early on and inspire them to find and pursue their passions. She reached out to friends to ask if they would share their professions and with their overwhelmingly positive response, her interviews began!

When I Grow Up…Just Imagine.

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